Lead Chemist (Hose Development)

Company Name:
Title: Lead Chemist (Hose Development)
Location: Indiana-Auburn
Other Locations:
This is a Lead Development Chemist position. This position is responsible for the development, testing and releasing of production and experimental compounds related to hose production. This position will also interface with the production mix facility to aid in the trouble shooting and mix changes needed to support production.
Essential Duties & Responsibilities
1. Lead all aspects of compound design.
2. Support lean initiatives.
3. Insure all customer specifications and requirements are met
4. Prepare samples and test
5. Become primary technical interface with Operations and Engineering
6. Release production and experimental recipes
7. Prepare and communicate test reports
8. Support supplier selection
9. Transfer developed technology globally
10. Review and critique proposed process and material changes
11. Prepare technical presentations
Required Education/Experience
1. Expert in compounding
2. Chemical Engineering degree
3. At least 6 years of manufacturing experience
4. Strong mechanical aptitude
5. Excellent communication skills
6. Knowledge of mixing, extrusion and forming processes
7. Practical knowledge in production equipment and process design
8. Strong problem solving abilities
9. Ability to draft and release engineering standards
10. Determine optimal engineering designs for various process and products.
11. Understand production needs related to design/develop
12. Work with team to determine optimal processes/products
13. Work with team to determine cost effective manufacturing process.
14. Determine testing required to prove out recipes.
15. Must be capable of evaluating various supplier processes and selecting those optimal for the product.
Organization: NA Division

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